Just a Few Tips…

I will start this out by saying that I am no fitness expert. I love to give advice, but I don’t always stick to my own advice. I am a very flawed human. I have, however, compiled a list of tips/advice/tricks over the last few weeks of my fitness journey. I am a work in progress myself, and if I type these down, it will help me stick to my own advice.

1. Fail to plan, plan to fail – Meal prep is so important. It can also be such a hassle when you have so many other things to do. Try to find some time on a Sunday (or whatever day works best for you) to cook up some chicken, boil eggs, etc. This way you will have meals ready to go or at least very minimal meal prep during the week.

2. Baggies -if you are going to be taking any products, make little baggies before you start. This way you won’t be confused as to which day you are suppose to take which pills, and you are less likely to forget to take them. I made baggies for the first part of the 24 day challenge (the cleanse) and it made life so much easier. I hadn’t made baggies for the max part, and I forgot to take the MNS pills one day at lunch. Opps!

3. Set realistic goals – I have seen so many people just give up due to the fact that they haven’t lost the amount of weight that they wanted to in the given amount of time that they set. I see the “Screw it! Let’s eat cake!” attitude often, and let’s be honest, I bet we’ve all felt that way before. We have to be realistic in our goals and we can always adjust them if we see more progress than expected. Now this is coming from someone who has always had the “I know I just failed that test. I really don’t want to get it back,” attitude that really annoyed my friends when the test with the 95.5 written across comes flying on my desk. I have always lowered my expectations so that I was pleasantly surprised when I got the test back instead of vice versa. This is probably NOT the best way to go about things and made my self confidence appear very low. It did work for me though. This is not exactly the same thing I am talking about when I say set realistic goals. You should expect to lose about 2 lbs a week if you are eating healthy and incorporating exercise. Of course there is some give or take due to people being different sizes, but there is no magic wand that you can wave that will make you lose 50 lbs in a week. Now if you doing AdvoCare’s cleanse and/or 24 day challenge you would expect to lose more than 2 lbs a week during that time due to the help of the products. The end message is: Don’t get upset! Just keep it up, and you will eventually be where you want to be.

4. Do make a goal! – I hope my last paragraph doesn’t discourage you from setting a goal. It’s great to have goals! Set a longterm goal (where you want to be eventually) and the realistic short term goal for the month or so. This way you have something to work towards.

5. The scale is NOT the be-all and end-all of weight loss – I know you’ve heard that muscle weighs more than fat. This can be explained better by someone who is not me.

“There is a misconception that muscle weighs more than fat, but this is not entirely true. The difference is that muscle is more compact than fat, which means that it takes up less space. It is estimated that 1 pound of muscle occupies about 22 percent less space than 1 pound of fat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the same mass of muscle weighs more than the same mass of fat, which may explain why you appear thinner but weigh more.” – Chron.com

If you are eating clean and strength training, and don’t see the scale move, it may be because you are gaining muscle! Look for the difference in the mirror. See if you feel a difference in the way your clothes fit. If the scale haunts you then go hide it!

6. Drink water! – This sounds so simple, and for some people it is. There are so many people that are addicted to soft drinks and do not drink nearly as much water as they should. Switch out the Dr. Pepper for water, and I bet you will see a difference!

7. Do more than just cardio at the gym – A personal trainer explained this to me once, and unfortunately I forgot the way she explained it. Basically strength training boosts your metabolism and burns more calories long after the work out is over. I do love cardio though and think it is very important too. Try to fit in both.

8. If you don’t like to run then walk – Walking long distances is very beneficial. I’m not where I want to be with running yet, so I settle for a nice run/walk. If I’m on the treadmill I will up the incline to simulate a hike. It makes it much harder and burns significantly more calories than regular walking. Also, try not to hold on to the handles when walking on an incline. I know it’s hard, but you can really feel the burn!

9. Don’t use food as a reward – How hard is this one? I am so guilty of this. “Oh, I went to the dentist today. That was rough, and I was very well behaved. Time for an ICEE.” – self monologue. How about changing it to “I worked out 4 times this week. How about a new pair of Nike shorts?” Yes, Nike shorts will put more of a dent in your wallet than an ICEE. So, you may have to limit your rewards, but I am going to try to reward myself with new clothes to flatter my body rather than sweet treats. I do love sweet treats, and they will never be cut out of my life entirely (realistic remember?), but if I reward myself with one every time I do something good than I will never lose the weight that I want to lose.

10. Make things fun! – Grab a partner for the gym, so you have company. Go to a new work out class. Write down what you ate that day in fun colors. If you start to get bored, change something up. Buy funny work out clothes if you have the extra cash. That tank top with the cat lifting weights has been calling my name 😉


We are all busy!


Isn’t this the truth ^


This is probably the most important. Be proud of what you can do.